Rapid progress of I/T and global economy work overall change on the business form in the millenium age.

To cope with this age of rapid change and ever intensified competition, we think that we need to change our selves first and challenge with future oriented way of thinking and also with rationalization of management, tactic and strategy of management and firm management idea.

We think that we need to be rewarded for this new challenge, with rearmament by taking new way of thinking and continuous technology innovation, and we ourselves would like to be a center of tomorrows' engineering.

We, at Space Plant Engineering Corp. keep excellent engineers and designers with enough experiences of working at engineering companies in the early days of engineering in Korea. Space Plant Engineering Corp., founded in March of 1989 with the background of taking charge of Piping design of large plants including Chemical Plant, Petrochemical Plant, Power Plant, Offshore Plant and LNG Plant etc., has successfully completed many projects and has won recognition by major engineering companies for the capability of plant engineering.

In June of 2000, we joined ennpl.com, the web site for engineers with several other member companies to provide necessary technical data, information of major equipments / materials suppliers & their products for piping engineers, and to provide technology exchange, bring & strengthen relations among engineers, and to provide technical Q&A, consulting as well. We are striving to make ennpl.com as international web site regarding engineering.

In addition, based on our accumulated technology and experiences, we pledge ourselves to do our best to contribute in piping engineering/design works required domestically and in overseas, with cost saving, delivery shortening and providing high quality technical services. We detail our pledge as below; .

We are well aware of the requirements from the engineer in charge, thanks to our experience of handing sub-contractor in the major engineering company's side.

We strive to be an unequalled company. In other words, we will prove that we are different from other sub contractors.

We will be in charge of owner's own work.

Our goal is not earning money only, but successful completion of work.

We will always consider client's request as first priority.

We will carry out Q.C. as a sub contractor.

We will make the organization young and ambitious.

We will do our best to keep our honor.

We, all members of SPACE family will work with owner's mind and professionalism.